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The company, "Business Appraisals," has specialized in business valuations since 1982, with business valuation experience since 1976.  See "Business Appraisals" - The Company page for more information.

The principal owner of Business Appraisals is Robert Clements, Licensed Real Estate Broker.  See the Qualifications and Experience page for detailed information.

Robert Clements has extensive education in Business, Finance, Accounting and Real Estate.  See the Education page for detailed information.

Robert Clements has extensive teaching experience in Business Appraisals and Business Valuations.  He also has college teaching experience.  See the Teaching Experience page for more information.

For a list of publications and research papers written by Robert Clements, go to the Published Books & Articles page and the Research Projects page.

For additional qualifications, go to Licenses & Designations page.

For certain activities, such as brokering the buying or selling of businesses, licensing by the California Department of Real Estate is required.  For a direct link, go to the California Department of Real Estate page.


Business Appraisals provides timely business valuation services at reasonable fees.

Each business valuation assignment presents a unique set of circumstances that require discussion and analysis in order to create valuation reports suitable for client needs. Our policy is to discuss your valuation project with you, review and determine what you need to accomplish your objectives, and keep project costs reasonable.

Contact us to determine the type of report that meets your business valuation needs; ask for for an Information Check List for documentation needed to complete an appraisal assignment.


Project analysis and quotes are always free, and always confidential.

Contact us today!


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